Practical Information


The University of Iceland has established guidelines and rules for writing dissertations but they vary between faculties. Information is accessible through at each faculty’s homepage under the heading “For students”. Unfortunately, the information is often incomplete and we advice students to seek assistance at their faculty’s office.


Before handing in the final version of a dissertation, the student is required to use standard templates. Templates for covers of final theses in undergraduate and graduate studies can be found here. Templates (sniðmát) for content are normally accessible at each Faculty’s website under the heading “Fyrir nemendur” and the sub-heading “Ritgerðir og lokaverkefni”. For more detailed instructions on templates visit our templates page. For further information and assistance with templates book an appointment in the writing center.


All dissertations must be uploaded to the online institutional repository for all universities in Iceland called Skemman. Instructions on how to submit to Skemman can be found here.


The National and University Library provides library facilities and service for students of the University of Iceland. Their homepage in English offers useful information and they also have an information desk on the 2nd floor. The main search engine of the University Library is Leitir.


The Purdue Online Writing Lab is an outstanding source. The webpage offers a wealth of information on academic writing as well as practical writing, videos, style guides etc. They offer over 200 free resources.

University of Richmond Writing Centre offers excellent online step-by-step guide on academic writing, everything from brainstorming to proof-reading.

The Centre for Academic Writing at Coventry University offers various online resources for undergraduates.

English for Academic Research is an online book with various writing exercises.

Epax study skills online provides 30 free video tutorials (maximum 10 minutes each) which explain and demonstrate key college essay writing skills.

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